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If you are a victim of an accident involving a spine injury that is attributable to a work-related accident in Alpharetta, Georgia, a hit and run accident, or another type of motor vehicle accident involving a car, truck, bus, or other vehicle, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Similarly, if you were a pedestrian who has suffered a spinal injury at the hands of a negligent party, then you are entitled to know your legal rights. The personal injury lawyers in our Alpharetta and Marietta law offices will determine your legal rights and help you attain the justice you deserve. The lawyers at our Personal Injury Firm provide expert legal advice and legal representation for victims of spine injuries in Alpharetta, Marietta, and elsewhere in Georgia.

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If you have suffered severe injuries involving your spine from a Georgian accident, whether it happened on the job or when living your life and your disabilities have not been legally and financially recognized, one of our accident attorneys will give your case the objective and legally qualified evaluation it deserves. Spine injuries suffered in a car wreck are serious injuries that usually require an Ambulance Company from Alpharetta to transport the accident victim to a local Emergency Room such as North Fulton Hospital in Alpharetta, Kennestone Emergency Room in Marietta, Northside Hospital or Piedmont in Atlanta, or Dekalb Medical Center in Decatur. After X-Rays and a diagnosis in the Hospital, you may be referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon in Alpharetta or perhaps an Orthopedist. They may recommend that an MRI be completed. There are many locations in Alpharetta to obtain an MRI.

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If you feel that your spinal injury has been caused by a negligent third party, please schedule a consultation with a back injury lawyer at our office. Contact us today to discuss your potential case and to determine your potential injury and accident legal claims. The first meeting is free of charge; we want to make sure you know all of your legal rights.

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Having an injured spine can range from back and/or neck pain or it can result in debilitating and severe injuries and/or paralysis. Sustaining a spinal injury can result in bulging discs, temporary or permanent nerve damage, chronic pain and even permanent disability. Depending on how severe the injury is, simple physical therapy to complex and potentially life-threatening back surgery may be necessary. A Neurologist may help assess your pain. Spinal injuries can saddle victims with large amounts of medical debt, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, even potentially requiring one to change careers.

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There are plenty of law firms that represent themselves as being good spinal injury lawyers. However, other Georgia personal injury law firms may not have the experienced staff we do; The personal injury attorneys in our law firm have over 120 years combined litigation experience. Before choosing any law firm, make sure your law firm has competent legal staff and a track record of personal injury claims, especially those related to spinal injuries. Our law firm has the combination of experience, knowledge, and highly successful track record of obtaining compensation for our injured clients on spine injury cases.

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